Having started in Gordon Setters in the early 90's, we quickly transitioned to English Setters in 1995 due to their undeniable elegance, beauty, and amazing qualities as a family companion. Life is just not complete without an ES warming hearth and heart!

We have been owned by ES since 1995, but our first litter did not come until 2000.  We breed selectively and infrequently, as we primarily breed for ourselves and share these wonderful dogs with a select few families and individuals.  Though incredible dogs, an English Setter is not for everyone and we go to careful measures to ensure the best homes and compatibility possible for our puppies. 

We have been very active in our local kennel club from the beginning, as well as having been involved with and support our national and regional breed clubs, the English Setter Association of America and Bluebonnet English Setter Club.

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

— Kinky Friedman